PhD thesis:

I recently defended my PhD thesis (‘Mind the Gap: Private Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law’) successfully at the European University Institute (Italy) and am beginning to think about how to publish the material it contains. I have already published a little out of my thesis on topics including Google’s online search and advertising business, e-books and net neutrality.

3D printing:

I have been looking at the development of 3D printing and the challenges it presents to law and regulation since 2013. I have presented on this topic in various fora and am in the process of writing up my research into a monograph which will be published later in 2015.

Surveillance and anonymity:

I am considering whether there is a right to be anonymous on- and offline by looking at law, regulation and jurisprudence from the US, UK/EU, Australia and New Zealand. I presented on this topic at the SCP Conference at the University of Otago (NZ) in early 2014 and will publish my research later in 2015.

Law and peer production:

I recently co-edited, with Steve Collins from Macquarie University, an edition of the Journal of Peer Production on ‘law, disruption and peer production’ which was published in early 2015.


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