Journal Articles


‘Cultures of sharing in 3D printing: what can we learn from the licence choices of Thingiverse users?’, co-authored with Jarkko Moilanen, Ramon Lobato & Darcy Allen, (2014) Journal of Peer Production, Issue #5: Peer production, disruption and the law (forthcoming)

‘The privatisation of the Internet, WikiLeaks and free expression’, (2014) International Journal of Communication (forthcoming)



‘E-book monopolies and the law’, (2013) 18 Media and Arts Law Review 350

‘Free software and the law. Out of the frying pan and into the fire: how shaking up intellectual property suits competition law just fine’, (2013) Journal of Peer Production, Issue #3: The Critical Power of Free Software



‘The AOL Huffington Post Merger’, (2012) European Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 3, No. 3

‘The Legality of Deep Packet Inspection’ (2011) 14 International Journal of Communications Law & Policy



Chapters in edited collections

‘Dominating search: Google before the law’, in M. Rasch (ed) Society of the Query Reader (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Institute of Network Cultures, forthcoming)

‘Legislating on biopiracy in Europe: too little, too late?’, in M. Rimmer (ed) Indigenous Intellectual Property: A Handbook of Contemporary Research (Edward Elgar, forthcoming)

‘SABAM v Scarlet: evidence of an emerging backlash against corporate copyright lobbies in Europe?’, co-authored with Benjamin Farrand, in D. DeVoss & M. Rife (eds) Cultures of Copyright (Peter Lang, forthcoming)

‘Private Power and New Media: The Case of the Corporate Suppression of WikiLeaks and its Implications for the Exercise of Fundamental Rights on the Internet’, C. Akrivopoulou & N. Garipidis (eds) 3 (IGI Global: 2012) pp. 81-96




Law, Human Agency and Autonomic Computing: The Philosophy of Law Meets the Philosophy of Technology, edited by Mireille Hildebrandt and Antoinette Rouvroy. Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, 2014 (forthcoming).

Regulation and the Performance of Communication and Information Networks, edited by Gerald R. Faulhaber, Gary Madden and Jeffrey Petchey. Telecommunications Policy, 2013 (in press).

The Digital Rights Movement, by Hector Postigo. Media International Australia, No 148, August 2013.



Contributions to online publications

 ‘Europe votes for a ‘neutral net’… but what does that mean?’, 4 April 2014, The Conversation

‘Google and the European anti-trust deal – what does it mean?’, 7 February 2014, The Conversation

‘What will the Trans-Pacific Treaty Agreement mean for copyright?, 18 November 2013, Inside Story

‘TPP leak: what will the TPP do to trans-pacific copyright?’, 15 November 2013, The IPKat

‘The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a knockout blow for innovation?’, 24 May 2013, The Conversation

‘Google proposes to the Commission, but hold the confetti’, 29 April 2013, The Conversation

‘Online censorship in the UK’, 20 November 2012,

‘British student is the next victim of the US copyright lobbies?’, 3 July 2012,

‘A Mexican summer? Presidential elections and the #YoSoy132 movement’ 30 June 2012, Ceasefire Magazine

‘ “A Time Bomb for Civil Liberties”: France Adopts a New Biometric ID Card’, 8 March 2012, Electronic Frontier Foundation Deeplinks blog

‘Online content and defamation: the emerging British approach’, 9 November 2011,


‘Regulatory Approaches to Net Neutrality in Europe and Beyond’, working paper in progress.

‘The false hope of Benkler’s communal Wealth? An analysis of what has happened to commons-based peer production and the current prospective for non-corporate activity online.’ (2012)

‘The Regulation of New Media in Europe’, report co-authored with Benjamin Farrand for MEDIADEM project (2011)


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